About us

Sylber's story begins at the Vaprio d'Adda plant when a gas boiler is built that, thanks to its innovative features, quickly sets itself on the market by winning the favor of a vast public. Production, at first little more than craftsmanship, reaches in a short time competitive size to the point that in 1984 the company decided to expand its range of products by designing and marketing wall-mounted boilers. Today, Sylber also has a complete catalog of Solar Systems and Condensing Modules, as well as being a leading brand in the Italian Hydro-Thermal System.

Today, Sylber is able to offer an extensive and complete range thanks to its expertise and know-how of the Riello Group, to which it belongs. All Sylber production is characterized by the high know-how of both design and component, not only by developing state-of-the-art technologies, but aiming to meet the needs of each user by offering products that meet the growing demands and To the new social needs in terms of comfort, quality and safety

History and expertise confirm its vocation as a specialist in domestic hot water for 50 years.

Sylber has always been dedicated to the development of products designed to provide maximum comfort in the use of hot water by offering a variety of gas boilers that are distinguished by their high performance, ease of use, compactness and durability.

Energy saving and environmental compliance have always been a prerogative of Sylber that offers a wide range of solar thermal systems for hot water production. Sylber has a complete catalog to meet the different heating needs thanks to a rich offer of state-of-the-art technology, both condensation and conventional, designed to meet the many plant and plant requirements.

Sylber also provides a very accurate after sales service thanks to an efficient organization and a sizable selection of the Authorized Service Centers executed directly by Sylber. Each ASC Sylber has trained personnel who regularly attend Sylber training and refresher courses and the rules governing thermo-engineering. Sylber, in fact, provides its ASC basic courses for new hires and refresher courses ranging from product novelties to regulations to Thermal Power Plants and Solar Systems in order to ensure complete and up-to-date preparation. Sylber always advises the ASCs to carry out scheduled maintenance for safety reasons, standard compliance, longer lifetime of the appliance, and clear tariffs.